10 Clever Gardening Tips for City Living

Garden space in the city can be limiting. Coming up with clever and innovative ways to grow plants is key as far as gardening in the city is concerned.

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1. Hanging metal planters from the ceiling


Old paint cans or hollow metal containers can be used. Hang them firmly using ropes or strong wire.

2. Growing a low maintenance air plant


These are plants that don’t need soil. A good example is the Tillandsia plant. It obtains water and nutrients from the air. Its simple, just mount it on a board or tile and mist it two-three times a week.

3. Use double ceiling planters


With just one central cable in the middle hanging from the ceiling, you can hook two containers onto it saving much space.

4. Converting old lanterns


Fill them with soil and hang them either outside or inside the house.

5. Hanging pots over your compound fence


A strong cable/wire can be firmly attached from one end to the other horizontally. Pots or containers can then be hanged on the wire.

6. Reuse old crates


Fits quite well on a small balcony or on windowsills.

7. Use old maize sacks

A sack is filled with soil. Lots of places on the sides are then punctured. Water and grow your plants on those punctured areas.

8. Use a shoe organizer


This helps in growing many vegetables and plants vertically.

9. Stack terracotta planters together


With the largest planter at the bottom and the smallest at the top, you can be able to plant overflowing flowers.

10. Vertically turn a pallet


By vertically turning the pallet, it encourages vertical planting and enables you to plant on its shelves. You can then put the pallet on your small balcony or space.

Well, city living doesn’t offer much in terms of garden space. However, these 10 clever tips will help you tend to your garden no matter how small it is.

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