5 Mundane Objects that can be turned into Stylish Home Decorations

Everyone wants a beautiful home. A good interior design is a perfect way to achieve this. There are numerous items in the market just for the beauty of your home among them expensive wall decors, vases, and indoor plant pots. However, did you know you can decorate your home without having to buy a thing? Below are ways you can do it.

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1.Covert your home to a forest

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Paint the tree trunks and branches that have been lying in your compound for ages and put them in your living room. Your handbag, cap, umbrella and other light items will not only complete the decoration but also have a home.

2.Don’t let your old bike rust in the storeroom

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Dust it off and strategically place it in your teen’s bedroom or even your own if you love speed and energy.

3.You still have the ladder that you no longer find useful?

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Turn it to a shelf or hang some items on it by giving it a new look with a nice paint.
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4.Turn your glassware and old jars into flower pots

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beautiful wall mountings, lampshades or anything your creativity will tell you.

5.You do not have to throw away your old suitcase

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Convert it to a coffee table, utility box or any other beautiful structure you can think of.

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