Top 8 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies in 2019

When you apply for a Medicare supplement plan, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at first. For starters, you have plans labeled with all letters of the alphabet that you have to fill out, then you need to make a decision on which insurance company you want to use.

Medicare supplement policies differ from Medicare Parts A and B. For starters, they aren’t issued through the federal government. They are issued through private insurance companies, and there can be a multitude to choose from.

Having helped Medicare applicants find decent supplemental coverage, we have decided that we should list the top insurance companies for you to research into when trying to pick out your health insurance. These companies are considered the best due to their important qualities.

To start off, one quality that all these companies share, is the length of time that they have been present. You have probably heard of many of these, if not received health insurance from them in the past. Secondly, these companies are financially reliable, they are always there for you. Lastly, most of these companies will offer you a winning combination of great customer service, slow rate increases, low rates, and additional benefits to choose from.

It is important to note that your first year’s premium isn’t the only aspect of insurance to keep in mind when picking a policy. It is very important to understand your insurance company’s Medigap pricing method.

Determining how your premiums go up in the years, pricing methods are important to pay attention to. Another factor that affects your premium is the company’s financial standing. Below is a list of insurance companies, and a bit of basic information about each of them, to help you find the perfect long term or short term health insurance. (Click “Next” to read the remaining parts of the article).

8. Kaiser Permanente Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

Kaiser Permanente has started offering medical care throughout a network of medical centers, hospitals, and care organizations. They have become a trusted name that has won many awards from J.D. Power & Associates in customer service. They also have amazing financial strength ratings.

They offer health insurance to the residents of several states, including Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, California, and Georgia. They also cover those located in the Northwest and Mid-Atlantic areas. They have over 20,000 participating doctors within their network. They also offer several plans to those in their coverage areas, such as; Classic plans, Advantage Plans, and Essential Plans. You are always offered the option of adding a health savings plan. This option has a $5,000 deductible for individuals, and $10,000 for family. You may also get access to services such as generic prescriptions, no co-pays, after hour care, online wellness tools, and unlimited doctor visits, depending on the plan you pick.

7. Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

One of the more prominent health insurance companies is BlueCross/BlueShield. The Blue Cross Association doesn’t just offer health coverage in the USA, but worldwide as well. Over 170 countries are covered by the Blue Cross Association, and around 100 million Americans have Blue Cross/Blue Shield branch. Having an A+ rating from A.M. Best Financial for almost all of their organizations, you will find that they have almost 40 different ones to choose from in the U.S. You can get access to plans, as a Blue Cross member, through PPOs and HMOs. However, HMO plans are often very comprehensive, offering the best savings, although with limited options in doctors. Meanwhile, PPOs are more flexible with which doctors you can use. As a matter of fact, PPOs have a large number of providers, the chance of one being close to your location is high, regardless of where you are located in the United States. You also have access to plans such as FSA and HAS. FSA plans will help you with saving money, they are tax free and offer various medical expenses and deductibles. Similar to an FSA, the HAS plan also requires expenses to be medically qualified. A common practice is to apply these funds to insurance deductibles. This allows you to reap the benefits of high-deductible plans, with a lower premium.

6. United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

The United HealthCare was given an A.M. Best rating of “A”, which is excellent. They are the largest health insurer in the U.S. Their insurance coverage meets the requirements of the ACA, but the feature that stands out most for the UHC is their online care access. This includes being able to use the help hotline to speak with a nurse, participating in an online wellness program, and ordering prescriptions online. Other online accessibility offered to members is the ability to set up appointments with your doctor, locate a doctor and file claims 24/7. Additionally, they have an app, granting the ability to perform all these tasks from anywhere.

This company is a good option for individuals wanting the ability to electronically manage their health care. There are PPO and HMO plans that offer access to both FSA and HSA. Meanwhile, there are discounts available for smoking cessation programs, hearing aids, and vision services. There are over 790,000 participating physicians in a very large provider network of UHC.

5. Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

Being among the biggest health insurance companies within the U.S., Aetna has developed an great reputation. A.M. Best rating of A (Excellent), they have a reputation for offering small business health insurance. They also have affordable insurance options that include office visits, hospitalizations, immunizations, preventive care, among other forms of health care that are essential. HSA plans are available. Regardless of the part of country you live in, you can easily locate approved providers with their large provider network.  These network plans let the members view any in-network doctor or licensed doctors. You will get the greatest savings by using the in-network doctor. They also offer a number of wellness programs for Aetna Members. These programs are chiropractic services, weight loss programs, gym memberships, and much more.

4. Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

A global health insurer, Cigna provides health insurance to 12 U.S. States; Texas, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Missouri, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Connecticut, Colorado, California, and Arizona. They have also received an ‘excellent’ rating from A.M. Best. There are more than 500,000 physicians that participate in the provider network. You don’t need any referrals to see a provider that isn’t inside the network, but seeing one that is will offer greater savings.

The deductibles, co-pay, and plan options all vary by state, and they offer both health care savings and high-deductible plans. Meanwhile, policy holders can access the checkingclaim status’, get insurance cards, estimate costs, and network doctor searches online. On top of all that, you have a number of attracting member benefits to take advantage of. Such as; Prescription Home Delivery, Helpline for Health Information, information on flu shots, a rewards program, and Cigna’s Telehealth program that enables access to board-certified providers.

3. HCSC Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

For the best HML plans, you should consider going with the Health Care Service Corporation. Founded in 1936, HCSC is the biggest U.S. based insurer that is customer owned. Over 15 million customers are serviced across multiple states, including Illinois, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. The options and plans are different between states.

The company’s wellness programs include weight-loss programs, online health assessments, fitness programs, smoking cessation support, the nurse hotline available 24/7, and maternity programs. In addition to PPO and HMO plans being available, there are also health savings plans, and a high9deductiable plan that will assist in reducing premiums.

2. Molina Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

Molina healthcare is the best for wellness care on the market. They offer health insurance coverage to residents in California, Idaho, Michigan, Florida, New York, Illinois, New Mexico, Mississippi, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, South Carolina, Utah, and Puerto Rico.

More than 3.5 million people across the U.S. are insured by Molina. The coverage options, benefits and plans are different between states. However, most of the coverage plans include no co-pays, while covering necessary medical care, such as: Vaccinations, Prenatal, Emergency services, lab tests, hospital care, doctor visits, X-rays, prescription drugs, and vision insurance.

Some of the excellent perks that you get with Molina are preventive health care services, wellness care, unlimited doctor’s visits, high-risk pregnancy programs, 24/7 nurse helpline, help with getting smoking cessation products, and weightwatcher vouchers.

1. Highmark Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

Highmark is the ideal coverage for eastern states. They are a regional health insurance company that offers coverage for many residents in the eastern United States. The options and plans are different between locations. There are tiered plans of Gold, Silver, and Bronze to choose from. And they also offer an EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) plan that makes it to where you may only use a provider that is in-network. Additionally, PPO plans are also available. You can locate plans that meets your budget using their co-pay and deductible range options. They offer member benefits that include a wellness profile, health trackers, symptom checkers, personal health assistant, and other educational/informative health benefits. Furthermore, they provide discounts to their members for hearing services, vision, fitness, travel savings, and nutrition.

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